51 Wonderful Things Your Amazing Dog Teaches You!

Dogs are great. We all agree on that.

They bring us happiness and cheer us up every time that tail wags.

They also teach us a lot of things that we can use. This post is a list of 51 amazing things your dog teaches you.

They are categorized into the following categories. Click the link to move to the respective category.

1. Love

2. Life

3. Health

4. Work
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1. Be an Unconditional Lover!

Do we even have to explain it?

Dogs give only one thing to us, and that’s pure unconditional love.

We should learn this from dogs and also love our fellow beings that same way. Be it your partner, your children or even your friends; show them what your dog taught you!

2. That’s Okay!

Are you feeling terrible for something you’ve done? May be you are just too hard on yourself.

Dogs do stupid things too, but they don’t allow it to control their life and happiness. Pat yourself on the shoulder and put those things behind you. Cause, that’s okay, and it is time to live your life now.

3. Hugs will do Wonders

How simple is this?

We forget that simple things can do a lot.

Hug your friends when they are down. Give a warm hug to your husband or wife when they are feeling bad. This will cheer them up, and they’ll thank you with a smile.

4. If You Miss them, let them know!

How excited is your dog when you come back home from work?

And how does that make you feel? It’s awesome to be loved, right?

If you miss someone, let them know about it. Make a call, send a mail, do something about it. If they care about you the same way, they will definitely appreciate it.

5. Don’t Hold Grudges

What’s the point?

Everyone makes mistakes and forgiving it makes things better for all of us.

If your dog had to stay angry with you for the things you did, then he may not even come to you right now. That’s not a nice thing.

Forget certain things that happened and restore peace and happiness to your relationship.

6. Be Loyal

One of the qualities dogs are known for.

If there are anything that is loyal to you 100%, it’s probably your dog.

What’s wrong in being loyal those who deserve it, right? It will improve relationships and strengthen the bonds you already have.

7. Be Dependable

Dogs are super dependable.

Being dependable will create a great image for you among your friends, family and even in your workplace. It’s a great quality to have.

And in love, it works wonders. Try it and thank us later.

8. Express Yourself

Dogs love to do things that make absolutely no sense. They love expressing themselves with the help of these pointless acts.

Expressing yourself in a relationship is great.

It shows your partner who you really are and also gives them a chance to appreciate your thoughts.

9. Protect and Defend

Dogs love their owners and if anything were to happen, he’ll probably rip off the guy who is endangering his family.

We should also be ready to protect and defend our loved ones, no matter what. Though we don’t have to learn this from dogs, it is still a valuable thing our dog teaches us.

10. Give some Space

Your dog loves you, but he also knows when to leave you alone.

Sometimes spending too much time together can lead to problems. It is important that you respect your partner’s life and give the space he or she deserves.

Once they come back to you, they stick to your harder and longer than before.
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Life[mks_separator style=”blank” height=”1″]

11. Living in the Moment

Dogs love to live in their moment. They forget how yesterday went and have no clue about what’s in for tomorrow.

Sometimes, this is great for us, humans, as well.

Forget that you have a paper due tomorrow. Forget about all the plans you have and live in the moment. Enjoy life for what life actually is.

12. Reward Yourself

Many people are just too strict on themselves.

Rewarding ourselves is a great thing and will help you accomplish more. On a more important note, it also makes you happy for achieving something.

Next time you give your dog a treat, think about yourself too. No, we are not talking about the treat.

13. Stop Hating

be like bill 2

Oh, boy.

There is a lot of hate right now.

It’s everywhere, on the internet, in your school, college, and even in your workplace.

Do the world a favor and stop hating. Spread some good vibe and be the change you want to see.

14. Take Good Care

Your canine friend knows how to take care of himself, doesn’t he?

Maybe it’s time you took a leaf out of this book.

Taking good care of you is crucial. It prevents unnecessary complications and helps you live a healthy life.

15. Attitude Matters

Be the happy guy.

Be cheerful wherever you go and take on things with a good smile.

What if I’m an introvert? We hear that.

Well, we are not asking you to dance your way through. Just be confident in what you are doing and make your dog proud!

16. Accept Yourself

Accepting yourself can improve the way we go about our life.

We would put less pressure on ourselves and eventually will feel a lot better.

Your dog loves the way he is. He never tried to be someone else and maybe it is time we emulate that.

17. Enjoy the Journey

You should see your dog when happily puts his head out of the windows during a car ride.

That’s pure happiness!

We concentrate too much on the final destination and fail to enjoy whatever the journey gives us. Start seeing little things around you and take pleasure in it.

18.Listen to People

Listening to people can help us in more ways than you think.

Lack of communication can lead to many problems and failing to listen contributes to it as well.

Sometimes, it could help us see the person better. Or you may even find an evil wizard. That’s up to you and who you listen to.

19. Be Obedient

Sit! Stay!

Just a couple of common commands that you give to your dog.

But making your dog obedient is an answer to a larger question, not just simply sitting and staying.

Being obedient to people can be good. They might fall for you or might start growing a newborn respect for you. And sometimes, being obedient and respectful to elders just saves your ass big time!

20. Talk to People

Remember when your dog gives a bark before it launches on anyone? No? Well, you have a good dog then (if he doesn’t jump on people, that is).

We need to do that too.

Before you get tired of someone and start yelling at them, talk to them. Tell them what you feel and let them know that they are bothering you.

Miles better than letting your monsters out, trust me.

21. Jump in Joy

We don’t have to be silent and humble all the time.

Had a success recently? Be it a small one or a big one, just jump in the air with joy.

Enjoy every moment of it and spread the happiness to others around you. They’ll love you for the positivity you are bringing in.

22. Get some Friends

You can be your dog’s only source of love. But when he meets other dogs in the park, he has a great time with his new friends.

Make friends with people, a lot of them.

They don’t have to be super close. Just someone with whom you can spend time with.

They can help you distract when you are not doing well and can kick your butt into focus when you are distracted.

23. Be Patient

See that dog there? That’s what we are talking here.

You don’t have to chase everything in your life. Just be patient and things will fall into place.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. So don’t try doing it in an hour!

24. Forgive

You dog forgave you for all the visits to the vet and many other things you did (even without knowing).

You should do this too. Forgive people and let them know. This will improve the way you look at life and help you transform into a better person.

25. Don’t Judge by Appearance

No dog does this, but we humans do. And that’s sad.

Stop judging people by the way they look. It’s not healthy and definitely not the right thing to do.

Moreover, you could actually hurt that person if you do something really stupid at that point.

“Let’s just avoid that, shall we?” says everyone’s dog.
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Health[mks_separator style=”blank” height=”1″]

26. Drink lot of water

When you get a puppy home, one of the most important things is to make sure he or she has water around. That’s because they need a lot of water.

We also should follow them and consume more water. But not exceedingly high amounts of water as that could lead to complications. Usually, 2 to 3 liters of water is enough for a normal individual (adult).

It can also help with weight loss, acne, constipation and even kidney stones.

27. Eat like Nobody’s watching!

We may not be able to list benefits in this case, but man it feels good.

Forget who is around you and eat your favorite food like nobody’s watching. You’ll love your food better, and that’s going to be a hard bond to break!

28. Work it like a boss

Every dog, even the laziest ones, needs some workout.

Likewise, we need it too. With the more sedentary lifestyle, it is crucial that we spend some part of our day in the gym. It doesn’t even have to be in a gym, to be honest.

There are so many guides on the internet that can help you with daily, regular exercises.

29. Nap a lot

Your dog loves to take naps. Believe it or not, there is more science to it than you think.

Taking naps can improve many aspects of your life. It improves your focus, enhances your alertness and even can reduce your risk of diabetes!

Also, if you are too tired, you can be a real headache to others. So learn it from your dog and start taking naps from today.

30. Go Out

Ask your dog if he wants to go out and he’ll jump in sheer joy.

Many of us choose to stay inside because of lifestyle we have now. We have gaming consoles, HD TVs and shows to watch, and some are avid readers.

But spending too much time inside is also not a great thing.

Go out and take a walk. Feel the fresh air and smile at some people. You’ll feel a lot better, and it is time well spent.

31. Get a Belly Rub

No, don’t go people asking for a belly rub. That’s creepy.

But you can take massages, instead.

Massages can help you with stress management, get rid of your anxiety, fight digestive disorders and even help with sports injuries. So do give it a try.

32. Stretch it out

That’s the first thing your dog does when he wakes up, right?

But we never do it, and we are the ones who sleep in the most awkward positions.

It can make you more flexible and improve blood circulation in your body. You can also do stretching when you sit in a place for a long time. Just get up and stretch it.

33. Sleep Comfortably

Your dog never sleeps in an uncomfortable position and you shouldn’t too.

Get a mattress that you feel comfortable in. Make your bed in such a way that it feels like heaven every time you jump on it.

Proper sleep can help you in many ways. We all love to sleep, and it’s time to do it properly.

34. Enjoy Your Meal

This doesn’t have any health benefits to be honest. But, it will help you facing the rest of the day cheerfully.

Dogs love whatever they are given, and that’s may be we look after their needs carefully. But you know what the lesson to learn here is.

35. Hygiene

Be clean. This one can prevent you from getting sick and avoid unnecessary medicines in your system.

Take regular baths. People around you will appreciate this even more (especially if you don’t use a body spray).

It doesn’t cost you a penny to do this. So let’s be generous when it comes to hygiene.
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Work[mks_separator style=”blank” height=”1″]

dog at work
36. Concentrate

Dogs can really focus if they want to. Even if it is a hard job, our friend-legged friend gives it a sincere shot.

We all know how crucial concentration is at work. There are some points where you just can’t lose it.

37. Be Curious

Dog are very curious. They just can’t keep their curiosity down.

This can be a blessing quality when it comes to work. You will find new things, and learn a lot more which is just brilliant.

Oh, yes. It won’t be that great if you hate the job, though.

38. Work on one thing at a time

Multitasking is good, but it is not for everyone.

If you are a gifted guy or gal who can take on a lot at once, please go ahead.

But if you are failing again and again to multitask, maybe you should try to work on one thing at a time. You can put all your focus on one thing, and that can be very useful in time sensitive jobs.

39. Don’t Pretend to be Something You Aren’t

This is something every single one of us does at some point.

We model us after someone and try to be a person we actually aren’t. It might work for some time, but you get tired of it very soon.

Be yourself and do your work in your very own style.

40. Have a Good Body Language

This is key, but sadly some people are awful at this.

We understand a lot from our dog’s body language. In most cases, we would be clueless if you didn’t know what to understand from our dog’s body language.

At work, body language plays a crucial role. It can make or break your relationships with your co-workers. Words might come out wrong if your body language is not that great.

So, take a look at it.

41. Maintain a Schedule

If you took home a newborn puppy, you would know the importance of keeping a schedule.

Let’s just say that they are equally important in your office as well.

Missing an appointment may not be that fun, especially if you are looking for a raise or a promotion.

42. Groom Yourself

groomed dogs

This may not be for all dogs. But some dogs are excellent at this.

Even if you have a casual dress code in your workplace, grooming yourself well has its benefits.

People will give you more importance and hey, you might even get lucky (if you know what I mean).

43. Celebrate Small Successes

Your dog is always happy. The reason is that he celebrates even the teeniest of successes.

Yes, we all have a superior objective, but it doesn’t hurt to enjoy small successes. It motivates us and helps us retain the drive that pushes us forward.

44. Don’t Try Too Hard

It is very easy to get tired.

It becomes super easy to do just that when you try even harder.

You might want to give you best every time, but it only drains you. So take a chill pill and see what your dog does when it tries something again and again (get it?).

45. Be Enthusiastic

Enthusiasm is something you can’t take away from a dog.

Be it the first time or the 100th time, your dog is always excited to see a ball go away.

This is a great quality and will help you take on your work with a great attitude. We never said it’ll be easy, though.

46. Be Ready to Face Challenges

Dogs love challenges. Most of them are made by their own deeds.

Work throws challenges at us every single time. Just when we think we are having a good time, comes in a challenge that could spoil your day.

The only way to tackle that is by being ready for one. So when something comes unannounced, you are charged up to take care of it.

47. Smile at Everyone

This is so easy, yet most of us don’t do it.

How pumped were you when your dog opened its mouth and gave you a smile? That’s awesome, right?

Now, go smile and make someone’s day at your work awesome.

48. Accept Praise

Dogs love appreciation. They live on it.

If your boss gives you a compliment, don’t be that guy or gal who says it’s nothing and take it with a smile.

If you deny (even politely) every time someone praises you for your work, they might stop doing it, and that’s not a good thing.

49. Get Friendly with Colleagues

playing puppies

What happens when your dog goes to have a meet up with dogs in the park? They just start playing.

No time wasted!

We are not asking to play with your colleagues at work. But you can get friendly with them, and if you are not in the job of your dreams, this can help you to get through your day (no offense, boss).

50. Get Dirty

Have you seen a dog feeling bad for getting dirt all over it? Neither have we.

We are not asking to get literally dirty here.

But you can take up a job that might not be that glamorous to do. Sometimes, it is a necessity, and sometimes, you can volunteer!

This will create a good impression and could even help with your promotion.

51. Don’t forget to have Fun

This is probably the most important thing.

When you make it a habit to have fun at work, it will never take a bad turn.

You will enjoy what you are doing, and there is no need to worry about Mondays!

That brings this list to an end, and we hope you enjoyed it.

Share it with your friends and let us know if you thought we missed anything!

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