Are Boerboels Good With Other Dogs (& Other Pets)

Boerboels, also known as South African Mastiffs, are excellent guard dogs. They are loyal and everything you want from a guard dog.

They are very good with your family and your kids will refuse to leave your dog’s side once they spend some time together. Such is their companionship skill.

But what if you already have a dog? Can a new Boerboel get along with an older member of the family? Can Boerboel’s temperament allow it?

So to answer your question,

Are Boerboels good with other dogs?

Boerboels will get along with other dogs in your family. You can bring a Boerboel into a family with one to two dogs without any problems. With proper socialization, Boerboels can have a good relationship with other dogs in your family. If you have a Boerboel and want to bring in another dog, that is also fine.

There is, however, one caveat. Boerboels are an aggressive and dominant breed so you may not want to have a same-sex dog from the same breed. You are fine if you have dogs from other breeds.

For example, if you have a male Boerboel and if you’re planning to get another Boerboel into your household, then go for a female one. If you have a female one, then getting a male Boerboel is a good idea.

Boerboels can get very aggressive with the same gender of their breed and it could end up in a nasty dog fight.

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What if you want to bring a new dog to your house with a Boerboel? Are Boerboels aggressive with other dogs?

Your Boerboel will absolutely love the new dog.

If you have given your dog proper training and socializing skills, then there is nothing to worry about.

But do keep in mind that Boerboels love the attention they get from their family. So be sure to not reduce the attention you’re giving your Boerboel.

If you fail to spend enough with your South African Mastiff, then you might start noticing behavioral changes that could adversely affect its relationship with the new dog.

You are fine as long as you don’t bring the same gender Boerboel into your house in which case, you might have an aggressive dog in your hands.

Are Boerboels Good With Cats?

Boerboels can get along with cats without any problem.

But the key here is in your training. If you have given your dog enough training and socializing skills, then it should have a good time with your new cat.

If you’re planning to bring a Boerboel to a house with cats, then the situation is slightly different.

As long as there are not more than 2 cats in your house, there shouldn’t be a problem. New Boerboel puppies can be intimidated by the presence of other animals in the house, but they’ll get used to it quickly.

Are Boerboels Good With Pet Birds?

The points we mentioned with respect to the cat is relevant here.

Boerboels are good companions for birds if you have given them enough training.

When we say that Boerboels are good family dogs, it includes the cats, and birds, and other pets in the family as well.

Having said all that, each Boerboel is different.

Whether you’re bringing a new dog or a new cat into your house, the behavior of your trusty Boerboel might differ from dog to dog.

Each dog is given different training and how they might react is a puzzle to which you’ll know the answer only when it is time.

You can play it safe here by giving your Boerboel extensive training and let it socialize with other dogs in the park. If your dog doesn’t have a problem with those dogs in parks, then you may not have anything to worry about when bringing in a new pet home.

That’s pretty much everything we have to say about Boerboels with other dogs and cats.

We hope you found the post useful. Do let us know if you have any questions regarding this topic. We’d be happy to help.