Bad Breath in Dogs – Everything You MUST Know!

Everything was fine that day. Your dog was happy, you were happy, and suddenly that smell took over. Bad breath in dogs is a concern, both due to the underlying problem and also that intolerable smell.

Are you looking to find the answer to the question, how to get rid of bad dog breath? Cool. We’re going to talk about it. But in lot more detail.

As a dog owner, you must know some things so that you can take great care of your wonderful friend.

Dealing with stinky dog breath is one of them. It’s not something you need to live with but something that requires immediate action.

Stick with us as we discuss this problem that could be more than a smelly nuisance, especially for your dog.

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What Causes Bad breath in dogs?

The bad breath in your dog is also known as Halitosis. It is one of those conditions that you will notice quickly.

So, what causes this stinky smell from my dog’s mouth?

When your dog’s mouth becomes the home for certain bacteria, these bad smells emerge. These bacteria’s presence can indicate a number of things.

Either your dog needs a better dental care plan, or it has some underlying health issue in its gastrointestinal tract, gut, or kidneys.

Mostly, it is the case of a gum disease that can be taken care of by a dental visit. But whatever the reason, if you feel that your dog’s breath smells, then you should take appropriate action.

How to Treat Bad Dog Breath?

There are three possible scenarios each of which can be treated in a different way. Let’s take a look at them

1. It is a Dental Issue

The problem is the plaque. All your dog needs, in this case, is a nice dental cleaning by your vet. This will eliminate the bad breath problem in your dog and can return things back to normal.

There are also some medications that might be prescribed by your vet to deal with gum problems if any.

2. Diet Problem

Dogs can eat almost anything. If he is eating something he shouldn’t (like feces), then there will be a very foul smell coming out of his mouth.

The only way to deal with this is to see carefully what your dog is up to. If the bad breath is coming only because of what you feed him, then change the diet slowly and see if it improves.

Also, be aware of what your dog does when it is freely exploring. This could help you prevent your dog from eating bizarre stuff like marbles, small wooden sticks, poop, and other strange items.

3. Medical Condition

As we mentioned earlier, some medical conditions diabetes mellitus, inflammation of sinuses or nasal passage, problems in the gastrointestinal tract, kidney or liver could be the reason for your dog’s foul breath.

In this case, there is nothing much you can do. Just take your pet to your vet. Let him diagnose the problem and treat it. The diagnosis might involve X-rays of the teeth to find out the cause of the issue.

Whatever may be the case, don’t try to play the vet. Take your dog to the vet and let him tell you what’s up.

How to Prevent Bad breath in dogs?

Yes, even before it strikes, you can prevent bad breath in your dog.

The following are some of the methods that can help in maintaining good dental health.

Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Brushing your dog’s teeth at least once a day is an excellent way to take care of its dental health.

Now don’t go and put that toothbrush in your dog’s mouth. He won’t like it. Slowly introduce the taste of the toothpaste and then the brush.

Start brushing just a tooth or two. Then gradually increase the number of teeth you are brushing. Make him get used to this process, so that he won’t respond to it in a bad way.

And also remember not to use your toothpaste. Human toothpaste is not made for dogs and could result in making him ill. Get a toothpaste that is made for dogs.

Introduce Natural Foods

Some foods can take care of this smelly situation in a natural way.

When giving your dog water, squeeze some lemon juice into it. It can help in cleansing his mouth and also refresh his breath. Just be sure not to do this in excess as your dog might not be too happy with the taste.

Introduce some Parsley. The herb can control the bad breath and also prevent it naturally. Just use a tiny bit of it over your dog’s regular food and it should be okay.

Carrots can also help in battling bad smell. If you are sure that the bad breath is a result of plaque buildup in your dog’s mouth, then start giving your dog carrots. They can help in reducing this plaque and thereby getting rid of that stinky smell.

Monitor Your Dog

Be aware of what your dog is eating. Dogs can eat very weird items, and if you ask your vet, he or she will come up with a very interesting list.

Consuming random items from your yard might also be a reason for your dog’s foul breath. So monitor your dog and make sure he doesn’t eat some random thing on the ground.

Also, clean your yard so that this ‘weird eating ceremony’ won’t happen even in your absence.

Visit Your Vet

You saw it coming, didn’t you?

The above methods can help your dog when the problem is simple. But when the problem is buried deep, it’s your vet who can throw some light on it.

Constant checkups can help you figure things earlier and treat it when it’s a lot easier. This is great for your dog’s overall health, not just bad breath.


Welcome to the F.A.Q. section. These are some very frequently asked questions, and so we might have to repeat what we’ve already told above. So, bear with us for that.

Let’s get into it.

1. Why does my dog have bad breath?

Your dog has a foul breath because it has bacteria in his mouth that cause it. These bacteria could be a result of a dental problem, a bad diet, or even a medical condition related to the kidney, liver or gastrointestinal tract or any other part.

2. How to get rid of bad breath in dogs?

First, make sure to find the cause of the problem.

If the reason is a dental issue, get a good professional cleaning from your vet.

If the problem is due to diet, change the dog’s diet and see if it solves the smelly situation.

If the bad smell is due to the inflammation of nasal passage, or gastrointestinal tract or other parts, follow the treatment outlined by your vet.

3. How to treat bad breath in dogs?

You can’t treat this problem on your own. Take your dog to the vet and let him diagnose the condition. Follow the instruction from your vet and give the prescribed medications, if any.

4. What is good for bad breath in dogs?

You can give parsley, carrot, and water additives to your dog. You can also squeeze some lemon juice into your dog’s water. These are good in dealing with bad breath and can refresh it.

5. Can Tartar and gum disease cause bad breath?

Yes. Visit your vet and treat it immediately if your dog has those problems.

6. Can diabetes cause bad breath in my dog?

Yes, diabetes mellitus is known to cause bad breath in dogs. The odor, in this case, might also be sweet which confirms the condition.

That’s all folks. We hope you found this piece useful.

Whatever be the reason, if your dog has a really bad breath, take him to the vet immediately.

Would you like to know anything else about this topic? Let us know and we’ll cover it as soon as possible!

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