Can Dogs Eat Almonds? – Answer and Advice!

Can dogs eat almonds? Let’s find out.

Dogs are a gift from heaven, and if you have a dog at your place, then you’ll surely agree with that.

We often treat our dogs like our family members, and there is no issue in that. But at times, we tend to forget that they are dogs and feed them what we eat. Sometimes, we give them everything we eat.

This habit of ours might not create any problem 9 out of 10 times, but when it does, things could turn really ugly.

Almonds are one of those food items some of us freely give to our four-legged friends. Can dogs eat almonds?

Well, let’s find the answer to that question in this detailed post and also see how to get the best and avoid the worst from this special nut.

Can Dogs Eat Almonds?

The simplest answer to this question can be given in just one word, and that’s a yes.

Almonds are safe for your dog to eat. But (yes, there is always a but), there are certain steps you must be willing to take when giving your dog almonds.

The very first thing is the quantity. If you are feeding your pet just 2 to 3 almonds now and then, it will be fine. When this number increases, you might not be in the safe zone anymore.

There are some people who advise against giving almonds to dogs. They could have had an unpleasant experience or might have read something somewhere (Internet, we are looking at you!). But, in reality, Almonds are a healthy treat for dogs when done right.

Why should there be a quantity constraint? You may ask.

Well, almonds have a decent amount of fat in them. We have talked in other posts about how your dog’s diet should not have fat in them. To repeat the same point, the fat in almonds makes it hard for the dog to digest it which could carry over to other problems as well.

And it doesn’t look very pleasing to see your dog vomiting and having gastric intestinal distress just because of having a couple of extra almonds.

Another key point here is to give your good friend only salt-free almonds.

Your dog can easily get obsessed with the taste of the nuts and will not let you go. So keep the quantity in check, and everyone’s happy.

Pros of Almonds for Dogs

The biggest advantage almonds can give to your pet is its nutritional value. Almonds are a storehouse of nutrients which if given properly, can benefit your dog in a ton of ways.

  • Almonds have rich vitamin content and a good percentage of the essential fat that is good for the health of dogs.
  • They are easily available and are not very expensive. So, giving an occasional almond treat will never trouble the dog owner concerning money.
  • Raw and unsalted almonds are excellent for the health of dogs.
  • Almond milk can also be a substitute for raw almonds, and they carry the same nutritional value as well.
  • To prevent choking, dog biscuits having almonds in them can also be used. In this way, your dog can get the complete nutritional value without worrying about the danger of choking.

Cons of Almonds for Dogs

Dogs and nuts are never regarded as a good combination. Even though almonds do not deserve a place there, there are some cons in consuming them. The reasons are listed below:

  • Nuts contain a high amount of fat that is difficult to digest by dogs.
  • Excess intake can lead to the problem of an upset stomach.
  • Dogs can even suffer from the problem of pancreatitis during which vomiting, restlessness, and diarrhea are very common.
  • Almonds, if not chewed properly may result in choking problems. So, it is better to chop them before feeding them to dogs.
  • Another health issue can be weight gain. If you hate walking your dog, then things are going to change.
  • Sweetened almonds should be added to the list of bad foods because they can be highly toxic to your dog.
  • Sometimes, the intake of almonds can lead to allergic reactions. So be sure how to react if your dog shows an adverse reaction.

Raw and salt-free almonds are great for your dog. If you can limit the quantity to 2 to 3 and feed them to your dog only occasionally, you need not worry about anything.

If you fear that your dog might choke or get any other problems, then you can try substitutes or other food products that contain almonds.  This is to make sure that your dog gets the goodness of almonds without having to take any risk.

Moreover, it is better to feed your companion with the high-quality dog food that will keep him fit and healthy. If your dog needs almonds, throw in a couple, and that’s where you stop.

That’s it from us on this topic. Can dogs eat almonds? We hope you got a clear answer to that question.

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