Can Dogs Eat Apples? (TRUTH REVEALED)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Does it work for the vet too?

Apples are available in adequate quantities in most of the areas. They are full of good stuff and can help the health of a human being without any doubt.

But can dogs eat apples? That is the question we are dealing with today.

There are different opinions flying around. Some say the apples are good for dogs, some say they are poisonous. So, which one do we believe?


In the rest of this article, we take a small tour in which we discuss how those two statements can be correct at the same time. Let’s dive in.

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Are Apples Good for Dogs?

If you are here then you are probably asking the question, can I feed my dog apples?


Apples are full of Vitamins A, Vitamin C, and lots of soluble fibers.

Apples are also low in calories. This means you can include apples in your dog’s diet if your dog has been prescribed a low-fat diet. Many old dogs might be forced to eat this kind of diet due to certain illnesses.

Just remove the core and the seeds (more on this later) and you can feed the rest to your dog.

We know that you give only the highest quality dog food you can find or make. But dogs get bored too. A new, crunchy fruit can bring in a nice change in your dog’s diet.

In simple terms, Apples are harmless when given in the right form, and your dog can have it without any problems.

Wait a second! You said apples were bad for dogs as well?

Like any other food, apples also should be given in the right amounts. Too many apples are not good for your dog.

Apple seeds contain cyanide. So when you give your dog apples, be sure to remove them. Though the damage isn’t immediate, the increase of cyanide in your dog’s body is not going to end well.

The seeds can upset your dog’s tummy even if the cyanide doesn’t act. So avoid the seeds at all cost.

Also, be sure to remove the core of the apple. This is to prevent your dog from choking, in case the core gets stuck in his throat.

If you take an interest in removing those parts from the apple and feed your dog in small sizes, then apple can never be bad for your dog.


Below you can find some very frequently asked questions by dog owners. Some questions might contain answers that are already present above. They are repeated as they are essential to answering these questions.

1. Can I feed my dog apples? Are apples healthy for dogs?

Yes. Apples are harmless and a good source of Vitamins, Calcium, and soluble fibers. Feed your dog apples but be sure to keep it in moderation. Too much of anything isn’t good.

2. How do I feed apples to my dog?

You can feed raw apples to your dog or even in tasty recipes. If you are feeding your apples raw, then cut them into small pieces as it is easy for your dog to chew and eat it.

3. Do apple seeds contain cyanide?

Yes. They do. It is important to remove the seeds before you give an apple to your dog. Eating a few seeds won’t cause anything serious. An upset stomach is a possibility, though.

But if your dog consumes seeds in large quantities, then it can become hazardous to its health.

4. Can dogs eat apple cores?

No. Apple cores are a serious choking hazard. It is safe to remove the cores before your give it to your dog.

5. Are there any side effects in giving apples to my dog?

Ideally, there should be no side effects if you give an apple to your dog in right amounts. If your dog consumes too many apples, then it might have an upset stomach. There may also be cases of diarrhea as well.

6. When should I not give apples to my dog?

If your dog has any kidney ailment or arthritis, it may not be a good idea to give apples to your dog. So if your dog has a history any conditions, be sure to check with your vet if it is okay for your dog to have apples.

These are some typical questions that are regularly asked when it comes to apples and dogs. We hope it answered your questions as well. If you have any more questions regarding this topic, do tell us about it.

Have you given your dog apples? Does he or she like it? Share your story with us and other readers in the comment section below.

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