New Puppy Checklist – The Ultimate List for a Happy Puppy!

You have finally decided to bring home a puppy. Great!

Before you bring him in, you must make sure that you have everything to keep your puppy happy. What do I need for a new puppy is a question a lot of people end up asking.

There are several things that are necessary to keep both him and you sane. This article lists 15 such necessities that you must have before you bring home your new friend.

Let’s get on with our new puppy checklist.

1. Food

This is a no-brainer!

Everyone knows your puppy needs to eat. But he can’t eat what you have.

Get him some high-quality puppy food. Get recommendations from his breeder or your vet. Giving healthy food will see that you grow a healthy (and a happy) puppy.

There are some famous brands out there, but it is always important to take a word from the experts (breeder or vet).

2. Food dishes

Food and water dishes for puppies are more important than you think.

A puppy needs water to be available all the time. So get a water bowl that won’t get too messy when the puppy jumps over it (challenging, we know).

Selecting a food bowl is easy. Go for a stainless steel food dish. This type of bowl is preferred over the glass and plastic ones as it attracts lesser bacteria. But for a grown puppy, the type really doesn’t matter. Just don’t spend too much money or time on this. Get one.

3. Finding a Great Vet

veterinarian with puppyYou have to find the right guy. Not some vet will do. He has to treat you and, more importantly, your puppy well.

Ask your dog owner pals for recommendations. Visit the place and see if you like the place and the people in it. Sticking with one vet throughout will also help. So ask the reception, if they can get an appointment with the same vet.

This is a crucial step so don’t cut any corners here.

4. Have Cash in Hand!

Growing a puppy is a costly business. Know where to spend and where not to.

You can reduce your spend on extras like toys and other play items. This is to save some money so that you can face an emergency when it knocks your door.

We are not asking you to be cheap or stingy. Just make sure you have enough money in hand as it can be handy when there is a special need.

5. Medical stuff – Vaccinations, De-worming, and More

Puppies are not immune to anything at birth. They get their immunity from their mothers. It is important that your puppy has the all essential vaccinations. This is crucial to see that your puppy doesn’t attract any infections in its first year.

Most of the puppies acquire worms and parasites from their mothers. You have to de-worm your puppy regularly and check its stool for any infections. Diarrhea is one of the infections that will surely affect puppies. These medications help against it.

There are other infections to be taken care of as well. Have a session with your vet and know what all vaccinations and de-worming that your puppy needs.

6. Puppy Training Treats

puppy training treats

Training your puppy is very important as soon as you bring one home.

There are many ways to train a puppy, but positive reinforcement is a great way to go by. And for that, you need puppy treats.

Give him a treat whenever he does something good. Though some are against this method of training, it is a surefire way to grow an obedient puppy.

7. Crate

A crate for a puppy is a must. It will play an important role when you are training your puppy not to eliminate inside the house.

Selecting the right crate is important for your puppy. Find the size that can accommodate your young friend and also make sure it isn’t too big.

The crate will also be handy when you are traveling, and you can’t leave your pet behind.

8. Leash and collar

Getting him used to a leash and collar at an early age will help a lot when he grows big.

Make sure to include an I.D. tag that has his age, license, owner’s name, and phone and address details. If he escapes your eyes and wanders away, someone will use this information to get him back to you.

9. Toys

puppy with toy

These are a must-have.

We know you love to play with your puppy. But you can’t play with them all the time. Neither will the puppy.

You need to get them some simple toys to keep them occupied.

Chew toys

Once teething starts, the puppy will chew anything that comes in its way.

Your shoes and furniture will be the first victims. If you don’t want them to spoil the things in your rooms, get them some chew toys.

Some breeds like Rottweiler, German Shepherds, and others chew very hard. So get them durable toys so that you don’t have to replace them often. Also, make sure they are safe for the puppy.

10. Pee pads

If your puppy isn’t properly vaccinated, you can’t take your puppy out for peeing or pooping. In this case, you need a pee pad or a portable potty.

This is also the case if you are living in an apartment. Here, it is more of a permanent solution so make sure to get the best quality out there as they aren’t that expensive.

11. Poop Scoops and Pick-up Bags

Your puppy, initially, will have a terrible bowel control.

Expect some accidents even before you make up a routine. Having a poop scoop will come in handy to pick up poops from any room in your house.

When you are outside, you can’t leave behind the excreta of your puppy. That’s when the pick-up bags become your best friend.

12. Bed

puppy bed

This is not an absolute necessity but can certainly up the comfort level of your puppy.

We recommend blankets if the crate has a hard bottom as you can replace them easily if the puppy has peed or chewed it.

Beds can also be comfortable, but it is better to place them in the living room like a couch for dogs. He can come in, sit and enjoy his time when he is outside his crate.

13. Grooming supplies

Who doesn’t like well-groomed puppies?

There are a number of supplies you will have to get to see that your puppy is properly groomed.


Your puppy will love when you brush him. It is also to keep the hair in its place. Hey, Puppies can have bad hair days too!

Just get something simple and inexpensive.

Nail clippers

Nail clipper is one of the basic items in your puppy grooming supplies.

A puppy can become nervous when you clip his nail. So introduce the nail clipper early and get him used to the process.


Taking a bath is important, and you need to add something to it.

You can ask your vet if you are too afraid to choose one. There are a lot of options. So just select one shampoo and get going.

Dental products

These come into picture only when your puppy has fully grown teeth.

So if your puppy has no teeth or is just teething, then don’t worry about this.

Flea/tick prevention

Fleas and ticks can be a big problem for your puppy if not taken care of.

Get yourself equipped with a flea/tick prevention kit to manage the situation better. If the problem gets worse, take him to a vet for a checkup.

14. Enzyme Cleaner

Accidents happen. You can’t control it.

When your puppy pees inside your house, you have to wash it cleanly with an enzyme cleaner.

Puppies will continue to urinate in the same place if it manages to locate the first place, thanks to the lasting scent. Using an enzyme cleaner can help here. It will remove the smell, and the puppy won’t be able to associate itself with that place again.

15. Dresses!

Who doesn’t love to dress their puppies?

Get fancy, comfortable dresses that fit your puppy. Be aware of the weather. If it is too hot, avoid dresses. Your puppy will thank you.

If it is too cold, then there is no problem in dressing your pet. Some breeds look too cool in some dresses, and some don’t. So pick the right dress for the right puppy.

That is it. This concludes our ultimate list for your new puppy. We are pretty sure that we covered everything that is necessary before you get your puppy home.

Let us know in the comments section if you think we missed something.

Featured photo credit: Klanneke/depositphotos